Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Eternally Grateful

Thank you, Lord, for always, always making me rise above my fears and frustrations. Thank you for the gift of family, friendship, music and laughter which all make me feel better!

I fully understand the importance of obedience. :) Thank you for saving me -- again.

I am forever grateful.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

learning, yet again

I always tell myself that I know what I'm getting into. And I always convince myself that I can manage the expected pain.

I'm so damn wrong.

Here I am. Hurt. Again.

And yes, I saw it coming. But I forgot that it'll be more painful than I anticipated. I should stop fooling myself that I can handle it. Maybe I still can, but the process is absolute torture.

But I won't stop believing that I'm strong, because I will survive this. I know it. I just know it.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Like a Fog

Experience has taught me that all acquaintances are passing. I keep forgetting to make the most of every contact. And when I realize it, it's too late.

Perhaps it also has something to do with my desire to maintain that wall. Being jaded made me into this type of person. Sometimes I couldn't tell anymore if breaking the wall is worth it, or even necessary.

Dealing with people is probably not something I'd be an expert in. I keep learning, growing, and sometimes regretting.

And to you, I really have no choice but to say goodbye. Didn't expect to do this, but then again, I didn't expect to get to know you in the first place.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Oh, dear.

Life is much easier when you don't care.

But not necessarily better. Remember that.

Friday, January 25, 2013


Seems like I've really lost the love for blogging. *sigh*

Writing my thoughts down has been replaced by...well, just more thinking. I do this while walking, driving, or sipping my extra hot coffee. My friend says we are the brooding kind of generation -- always analyzing. In my case, I usually over-analyze.

So many things have happened since I returned to Manila in 2010. Perhaps I'll blog about them one day.

I left the OFW disposition back in SG. I've not only closed doors, but also locked them -- for good. Of course I opened new ones too. There are always so many doors for us, if only we knew which one to open. And even if we don't, we still open whichever we think is calling upon us. After all, the greatest adventures in our lives are in the risks we take.

And that's what I've been trying to do almost every day of my life. :)

Thursday, September 06, 2012

The Memories We Make

Almost 10 years ago, on the 4th floor of SMPC, we became seatmates. I didn't like you at first because I thought you were noisy. Haha! As it turned out, we were noisier together. :P Kawawa sina Benneth at iba nateng katabi haha. One of my favorite stories from your Sykes days was your job interview.

Interviewer: Do you know what HTML is?

Sam: No.

Interviewer: Do you know anything about cookies?

Sam: No.

Interviewer: Do you know what HTTP stands for?

Sam: No, but I'm traineable!

Aaaaand you got hired! Haha! One of the best success stories in the BPO industry! :D

From SMPC days, we've surely come a long, and I mean, a looong way. No matter where our feet take us, we'll always have great memories to hold on to. And we'll make more. And yes, there will be no judgments whatsoever. :) There is nothing you can do that will make me love you less, bes. :)

Yours is the only statement I could take when it comes to that very personal aspect in my life. I know you only want what's best for me. Others just seem too prying and insincere. Perhaps having you is one of the reasons why I'm brave to face the future "alone". I am blessed with a wonderful friendship which I know that will last me a lifetime. I know that somehow, someone will always be there for me -- hindi nga lang romantically. Haha! Thank you for always making me part of your family. :)

Happy double digit birthday, my bes! Haha! Matatagalan pa ulet bago ko masabi 'to. Another ten years. :D Love you!

See you on Sunday! :) I can't wait!

And because we're reminiscing, here are some photos from our little adventures here and abroad. Look how nene we are in some photos! Haha! Most of my happiest moments were really spent with you, bes. :) I'm still looking for "older" photos, but so far, here's what I found:

Monday, March 19, 2012

See you later :)

I know that people mean a lot to me when they make me cry like I did when I was 5. It's the type of sobbing that is never camera friendly. Hagulgol na iyak. Nakakapanget at nakaka-ubos tissue na iyak.

I'm writing this blog entry because I can no longer contain my sadness.

Last year, our team was joined by two unbelievably amazing women. We were so eager to work with them. At some point, however, things weren't exactly perfect. But I know for a fact that difficult situations pave the way for something wonderful. In our case, we turned from being simply colleagues to becoming a family. Disputes, when resolved, give you a chance to know how extraordinary your family members are. You end up admiring and loving these people. I know I did.

And so, we got through all the drama and we vowed to make a difference. We had plans. Big plans. Exciting plans. Plans that we were really passionate about. We couldn't wait to make things happen. But we learned, like we always do, that not all things are within our control. Despite the challenges, we knew that we had each other's back. We still do.

I don't know when I'll stop crying -- maybe tomorrow, maybe next week. But I know that I will never stop trying to make a difference and I owe it to you, Jane and Neri, and to everyone who's been a part of our crazy team. Thank you for teaching me to inspire more people, to question the world, to challenge my assumptions and to realize that indeed, we are all capable of so much.

Today, I returned to work with a heavy heart. I wish I could have stopped you from leaving but I also know that there's a reason behind all this. You taught us to grow and now it's time for you to teach other people to do the same. I'm really sad to see amazing people leave the team, but I also can't help but be excited for your new lives. I know that you'll do great and life-changing things over there. :) And we promise you that we'll do the same here.

Jane Twinnie, bukod sa hindi kita nayakap nung last day mo, meron pa kong ibang regrets -- ang hindi ka nakasamang uminom nang todo, mag beach, at ang hindi ko pag master ng "ferzone language" mo. Haha. Siguro kung nag inuman sessions tayo nang madami, na-master ko sya. Wala na akong twinnie sa office. :( Thank you sa lahat lahat. Sana talaga we had more time to bond. I know our paths will cross again. And don't worry, we will keep your legacy alive. :) Dedicated sayo ang bawa't magandang pagbabagong gagawin namen. :)

Neribellz, mamimiss ko talaga ang 1000 words per minute mo at ang daily impeachment updates from you. Wala na kameng ala Miriam Santiago sa mga ITO-wide SS meetings. :D When you speak, people really listen. Ayaw mo ba maging abogado or judge? :P Nung may nagsabi sayong "You could be a catalyst for change", he was wrong. To me, you already were.

I'll miss you girls, big time. :( Andito lang kame, palage. :) Isang jeepney ride lang kame from your new 'home'.

In case I haven't shown you enough or said it enough, I love you both. I love our team. :)

(((super tight chest to chest hugs)))

*photo courtesy of Ginobells. Sorry hindi ko na naipaalam sayong kinopya ko sya. :P