Tuesday, April 17, 2007


indeed, time flies when you're having fun. i cannot, cannot, believe that tomorrow's the big day already.

i will run out of adjectives to describe you bes. :) but it all boils down to one thing -- that you are real. you've always been solid about being one.

even if i'm older than you (o one year lang yan ha. :P), most of the time i feel that you are the "ate" because i always look up to you.

i may be the most emotional person right now about your departure, but i guess, i am also the proudest. i am literally smiling while crying these past few weeks. :) i'm sad, but then again, this is what's best for you...and i want what's best for you.

thank you for giving me the most valuable friendship i will ever have. you will remain one of the most important people in my life. i love you Bes.

here's a little something i made for you:


(just get the video from there since the one i uploaded on youtube is a bit blurry)