Thursday, October 25, 2007


there is something here that speaks of what you really deem important and how you've tried to deny it. i never thought that something so superficial can be so relevant and could be so much of an issue.

suddenly, i feel like the ugliest and least confident person in the world.

the worst thing is, i never expected YOU to be that person who makes me feel this way. not now, not ever.

it's a little bit alarming.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

fan of Inday? if you don't know who i'm talking about then you probably don't own a cellphone. :P

anyway, i just learned that she (or whoever is the author behind all this) has a blog too:

laugh trip! :D

i swear, ang galing ng nagsusulat na to! the blog landed 6th in the top 10 english blogs in wordpress.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

_serious writing mode: soon_

semester's over. i'm also done with all my academic subjects. but the worst is yet to come. i will start writing my thesis next sem...and God knows how many semesters it will take me to finish it. choosing a topic is already a challenge, what more when it comes to the actual work? as what i would say to my classmates, "kelangan pa mag moments mag isa sa tagaytay para lang makapag isip ng topic." so if you see me in tagaytay and i'm alone, don't disturb me. :P

wish me luck. i'm a thesis virgin. oh, and if you are, or know someone who is a statistician, lemme know. ;) hmmm...what's the fee of statisticians anyway? hay. pahirapan na, mamumulubi pa.

now i'm trying to recall what made me enroll in a master's degree in the first place. *sigh* i probably forgot that it was a thesis course that i was getting into.

now i'm trapped. :|