Tuesday, October 21, 2008

_ashley, my tzu_

HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY ASHLEY!!!! You bring so much joy to me and my family. Despite all the drama when I first got you, my family eventually fell in love you. Who wouldn't? :) (Mahal, thanks again for Ashley. Miss ka na ren nya :P)

Hehehe...parang kelan lang, I could carry her in one hand. Ngayon ang laki laki na!

Astig sya dito ha :P

*photos and notes courtesy of my sister, Justine :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008


An email from my brother:


"Good morning Ate.
Narinig kitang umiyak last night. Wag ka na malungkot ha. Malapit lang naman Singapore.
And I'm sorry hindi kita nabisita diyan. Pagtumagal ako dito, maaayos ko din yung pag renew ng passport ko.
I love you!"


My family is not used to saying I love you to each other. But things changed since I got here.

On my mom's birthday, I called to greet her and I'm pretty sure it was the first time I ever told her I miss her.

Before coming here, I knew that homesickness will be part of working overseas. But I never thought it could be so unbearable. There are moments when I just feel like getting on the next plane out to Manila and not caring what's in store for me there. Yes, perhaps going back there will be harder. But the truth is, living anywhere in the world away from your loved ones is the hardest.

Everything I've heard about working overseas and the hardships that come with it, I now understand. I absolutely understand.

And I go through it every single day.

But then again, I should remember that coming here was an adventure. And it still is. No matter what happens, I'll survive. And I still feel so blessed. :)