Wednesday, August 29, 2007


i feel wonderfully blessed to be in a relationship that never makes me feel suffocated. while i still enjoy the same freedom and independence i had when i was unattached, i feel a great sense of belongingness and an acceptable level of dependency to you. dependency in a good way, the kind that makes me i just realized that you are the first guy who made me feel such. :)

i have so many things to thank you for. but i can sum it up to this: thank you for letting me experience a love binded in trust and respect.

it's really amazing how we ended up together. when i first met you, i never really imagined that i could be your girlfriend because i knew that you had high -- very, very, high standards -- in a girl. well, what do you know? i passed your standards. ;) and i guess, we found our match in each other. right? ;)

happy happy birthday, Love!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


what's mostly frustrating is not that you can't tell the truth - it's telling the truth and not being heard.

at all.

the problem is, i am talking to someone who has a preconceived notion about me. and every word that comes out of my mouth is just foreign language to her.

in an instant, i have a seething reaction to everything.

it could get worse. i am slowly becoming crippled by this rage. i know it's all so pointless in the end. i was told that it doesn't matter what other people think of you, as long as you know yourself and you know the truth, that's what's important. but on a fundamental level, i believe it SHOULD matter if these people are related to you. by blood. and i mean your immediate family.

i just feel it's worthless if it's only me who knows the truth. what good is a family if no one believes you?