Sunday, August 10, 2008

_bits and pieces_

-- Best wishes to newly wed couples (1)pao pao and gett and (2)arnel and mae!!! I'm sooo happy for you guys. Really wish I could be there on your wedding. Wrong timing ang pag alis ko :P

-- Happy National Day Singapore! We joined the celebration yesterday. According to Bes, we are proud to be residents of Singapore...wehehehe. We took the Singapore flyer (freaking expensive! 30SGD/pax!) while watching the parade/event. After dinner, we headed to Zouk. Galing ni DJ Aldrin. Hands down.

-- I am the first foreigner to be hired by our company (I have a Chinese colleague but she was already a Singapore Permanent Resident when she was hired). My employers think very highly of Filipinos. They worked with Pinoys when they were expats in Manila and they admire our attitude and work ethics. Syempre super proud ako to be Pinoy. And I will make sure that they won't regret hiring a Pinoy. :) They also admit that the Philippines is more interesting than Singapore. They are sooo right :P

-- From driving in Manila, I am now taking the public transport everyday. I really don't mind. The MRT, LRT and buses are very convenient and safe. But once in a while, I really miss driving. Maybe I can do that again when I visit Manila.

-- Indeed, it was an adventure finding a job in Singapore. Ask any foreigner who's been in my place and they would know what I'm talking about. Even if you are qualified (and even more qualified than the locals), the quota in hiring foreigners could hinder your chances of landing a job. The very first thing they ask you is "Are you Singaporean or PR (permanent resident)?" And once you say NO, they wouldn't entertain your job application. I am very thankful that I found a job and I am trying to help our kababayans who are still jobhunting to also land a job.

-- When I was jobhunting, God has really tested my patience. But in so many ways, He made His presence felt. And it was really important that I got the support of my family, friends and most especially, my Love. (Love, like I said before, I wouldn't have the courage to fly to Singapore if it weren't for you. I love you and I find strength knowing that you always believe in me.)