Sunday, October 31, 2010


I felt my mouth pulling into the shape of protest.

I pointed out to her the obvious facts. I practically plotted out the dots. But I guess, some people really have a hard time connecting them. I can never quite believe how some people turn a blind eye to something big. Something serious. Something alarming.

Yes, I know we have to bear it (and I think I've done a good job on this). And sometimes, we have to pretend it's not happening. But it can't be this way for.e.ver. At some point, reality will sink in and you're gonna have to face it. At some point, you're gonna have to make that dreaded confrontation. Well guess what? That point came already. And since you couldn't do it, I thought I'd do it for you.

I apologize for the manner I said it. But I don't apologize for the message I was trying to send.

It's about time somebody did something.

And I won't stop here.