Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I thought January and February went by so fast. March was even faster.

Waay faster.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the 2nd quarter of the year.

March was a whirlwind month for all of us. I swear, time gets faster as you grow older (kainis bakit ganun :P).

In the crazy month of March, I discovered something about myself. This certain experience caused me not exactly fear and not precisely comfort. It’s somewhere in between I guess – if that makes sense at all. The irony of it all is, while it was entirely a great day of discovery, it was in fact something I knew all along. It was an entity that was just untapped. I should probably say that it was a day of reaffirming what I’ve already possessed yet almost doubted. And I thought the experience was a rare enough episode at my age. I wish I could be more precise on what I’m talking about here, but I can’t :P. Only my Bes would know what I’m pertaining to -- which brings me to the most important event that happened this month:


Best wishes B and Bes! (photo courtesy of Mike Frias)

I’m still on a high about their beautiful, beautiful, wedding! I’ll write about that later. Perhaps I could talk about her bachelorette party too. Haha! It was the most hilarious party I’ve arranged and attended. Thanks to the girls, the party was a success! I wish we could party like that every month. ;)

Have a good holy week everybody! It’s the perfect time for reflection.