Thursday, October 12, 2006


people make time for what they want.

i recognized early on in life that there is no such thing as being busy -- the 24/7 kind.

countless, countless times have we uttered the words "i'm busy", sometimes even without thinking what we're really busy about.

the same concept applies to what i have known all these years but never came close to admitting.

i am busy...busy running away from what i want. and what i want translates to what i need. because right now, what i want, is the only thing that will shut them up. i'm not in the mood to elaborate on that.

i have been too apprehensive to move forward and too confused where to direct my gaze.

for the first time, i should not be content with...just this. i'm not saying that i'm not grateful -- because i am. but i should be pushing my boundaries. just because i can.

all this time, certain events have been telling me one simple truth: everything i want is outside my comfort zone.

and right this moment, i finally listened.