Friday, October 23, 2009


I lost the excitement for surprises in my late 20's when I realized that it's not easy to surprise me. It's no fun surprising me - at all. I always, always, manage to spoil the surprise. Curiosity really does kill the cat.

But there was one thing that totally caught me off guard. Healing came as a surprise. I had no idea it was coming my way. I didn't expect to be immensely healed and for it to be happening when it did.

With healing came happiness.

I guess, it still holds true, that things happen when you least expect them, more so when you try to avoid it. Although I must admit that I knew that the idea of being healed again is a steady light bulb at the edge of my vision. It's always there. It's always switched on.

Once again I learned that nothing is ever promised. Cherish what you have now. And like what my friend Jayvee told me, I should lock my happiness and throw away the key.

And I just have to say...I never understood what it felt like to be swept off your feet.

Until now.