Sunday, September 06, 2009


The things that make you YOU...

- your animated ways of talking
- your generosity
- your being helpful
- your wit
- your craziness
- your habit of breaking into a song whenever, wherever
- your exaggeration when you describe certain things that I or we do (aminin :P)
- your optimism
- your habit of hitting me whenever we watch something funny or romantic at the cinemas or on tv (please remember that I bruise easily :p)
- your superb cooking (naks!)
- your frankness
- your unbelievable high tolerance for alcohol
- your joyful ways
- your out of this world sense of humor
- your boldness
- your genuine concern whenever i feel sad (even without me telling you)
- your comforting ways everytime i'm heartbroken
- your protective ways when a random guy tries to come near me (i swear you scare them off)
- your sincere wish for me to be happy (especially in the love department)
- your love and honest to goodness friendship through the years

It's been years since I first met you and you're still all these things. I love you for everything and anything that you are.

I know that one day soon we will be going home to our own families, but until then, I want you know that you are the best roommate and best friend ever. :)

I love you bes. Happy happy 30th! ;)

I really enjoyed your birthday weekend. We had a blast indeed, even if the sparklers made me choke. Haha! Now there's another thing to joke about me, huh? :P


Pauline Dela Cruz-Torralba said...

please greet Porns a happy happy birthday from me and gett :)

Lysistrata said...

surely pao pao :)

we miss you!